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Sophisticated Utilitarian free essay sample

There is a very clear way that any sophisticated utilitarian could handle this proposal. Obviously, they have to consider that the limited sports program needs to be incorporated, but at the same time they cant cut too heavily into the current sports program. There is a very clear plan that would allow the physically impaired student to have their new sport program added, without greatly hindering the current sports program. It has been said that the cost of the new program is four times as high, per student, however there are much fewer students in this program. Considering the number of students is so much lower, they could start by taking away thirty percent (which is over a quarter) of the budget from the current program and using it to start the new program that is intended for the disabled students. It is also very important to remember that such sports programs receive some of their funds from fundraising vents that students participate in. We will write a custom essay sample on Sophisticated Utilitarian or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Since we are now dividing our budget between seventy and thirty percent and our overall sports program has grown through the addition of the disabled section, it would obviously be a good idea to double the amount of time that students who participate in sports are required to invest in fund raising activities. This is a pretty reasonable request when you consider that students only spend a few weekends, here or there, doing this anyway and that also they have he addition of the disabled students to help them with fundraising chores. This plan stands a very good chance of greatly increasing the amount of the overall budget. Depending on the amount of additional money raised each term, the regular sports program might not even be aware that they are only getting seventy percent of the budget. Depending on the amount of additional funds raised, they could even increase the size of the disabled program if need be.

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Destructive Science Essays - Research, Science, Technology

Destructive Science Essays - Research, Science, Technology Destructive Science Although science can advance and improve society, science can also destroy the people it was intended to serve. Scientists have long held the belief that sacrifice of a few is justified by the beneficial potential for the masses and therefore have traditionally used animals and even at times humans as the subject of experiments. Society itself has also predominantly accepted the scientist's view, and welcome new experiments, hoping for new scientific advances that will help society. With new technology, power comes easily to those who learn to harness it, and scientific research has expanded the power of the common person to levels where one man can literally destroy the world. Although science is researched by people to answer questions of "what if," and also to benefit society, the experiments which enhance scientific knowledge is destructive to the one being experimented upon. In amassing the massive amount of scientific knowledge, an even greater number of animals have been destroyed. Such destruction is now at times thought of as essential to an experiment. Science has learned that subjects must be sacrificed for advancement of knowledge. Thus the 20th century version of religious animal sacrifice is performed everyday in laboratories, with the scientists hoping that the use of animals themselves will bring scientific enlightenment. To add to the problem, science not only destroys in the process of new knowledge, but also creates the potential for global destruction. With scientific "achievements" such as the nuclear bomb, society has been wary about thermo-global nuclear destruction that could easily be triggered by one lunatic who has access to nuclear weapons. Although science can and is mostly beneficial to society, the advancement of knowledge can empower evil as well as good. Rappuccini, empowered with scientific knowledge, carried on evil and destructive experiments. Modern scientists also carry on destructive experiments to merely "see if it can be done," and believe that nothing is sacred in the path of new scientific knowledge. In essence, science has become the determinant of their morals, and thus a new type of religion is created for those who view science for more than it is: the search for truth, not an excuse to perform the scientist's fancy.

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A Guide to Dantes 9 Circles of Hell

A Guide to Dantes 9 Circles of Hell Dante’s Inferno (14th C) is the first part of a three-part epic poem, followed by and Paradiso. Those approaching the La Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy) for the first time might benefit from a brief structural description. This first part is Dante’s journey through the nine circles of Hell, guided by the poet Virgil.  At the beginning of the story, a woman, Beatrice, calls for an angel to bring Virgil to guide and aid Dante in his journey so that no harm will befall him. The nine circles of Hell, in order of entrance and of severity   Limbo: Where those who never knew Christ exist. Dante encounters ​Ovid, Homer, Socrates, Aristotle, Julius Caesar and more here.  Lust: Self-explanatory.  Dante encounters Achilles, Paris, Tristan, Cleopatra, Dido, and others here.Gluttony:  Where those who over-indulge exist.  Dante encounters ordinary people (i.e. not characters from the epic poems or gods from mythology) here.  Boccaccio takes one of these characters, Ciacco, and later incorporates him into The Decameron (14th C).Greed: Self-explanatory. Dante encounters more ordinary people, but also the guardian of the circle, Pluto.  Virgil discusses the nation of â€Å"Fortune† but they do not directly interact with any inhabitants of this circle (the first time they pass through a circle without speaking to anyone – a comment on Dante’s opinion of Greed as a higher sin).Anger: Dante and Virgil are threatened by the Furies when they try to enter through the walls  of Dis (Satan). This is a  further progression in Dante’s evaluation of the nature of sin; he also begins to question himself and his own life, realizing his actions/nature could lead him to this permanent torture.   Heresy: Rejection of religious and/or political â€Å"norms.†Ã‚  Dante encounters Farinata  degli  Uberti, a military leader and an aristocrat tried to win the Italian throne, convicted of heresy in 1283. Dante also meets Epicurus, Pope Anastasius II, and Emperor Frederick II.  Violence:  This is the first circle to be further segmented into sub-circles or rings. There are three of them, the Outer, Middle, and Inner rings, and each ring houses different types of violent criminals.  The first are those who were violent against people and property, such as Attila the Hun.  Centaurs guard this Outer Ring and shoot its inhabitants with arrows.  The Middle Ring consists of those who commit violence against themselves (suicide).  These sinners are perpetually eaten by Harpies.  The Inner Ring is made up of the blasphemers, or those who are violent against God and nature. One of these sinners is  Brunetto  Latini, a sodomite, who was Dante’s own mentor (n ote that Dante speaks kindly to him). The usurers are also here, as are those who blasphemed not just against â€Å"God† but also the gods, such as Capaneus, who blasphemed against Zeus. Fraud: This circle is distinguished from its predecessors by its being made up of those who consciously and willingly commit fraud.  Within the 8th  circle, there is another called the Malebolge  (â€Å"Evil Pockets†) which houses 10 separate Bolgias  (â€Å"ditches†). In these exist different types of frauds, including: Panderers/Seducers (1), Flatterers (2), Simoniacs  (those who sell ecclesiastical preferment) (3), Sorcerers/Astrologers/False Prophets (4), Barrators  (corrupt politicians) (5), Hypocrites (6), Thieves (7), False Counsellors/Advisers (8), Schismatics (those who separate religions to form new ones) (9), and Alchemists/Counterfeiters, Perjurers, Impersonators, etc. (10).  Each of these Bolgias  is guarded by different demons, and the inhabitants suffer different punishments, such as the Simoniacs who are stood head-first in stone bowls and forced to endure flames upon their feet.Treachery:  The deepest circle of Hell, where Satan reside s.  As with the last two circles, this one is further divided, this time into four rounds. The first is Caina, named after the Biblical Cain who murdered his own brother.  This round is for traitors to kindred (family).  The second is named Antenora  and comes from Antenor of Troy who betrayed the Greeks.  This round is reserved for political/national traitors. The third is Ptolomaea (for Ptolemy son of Abubus) who is known for inviting Simon Maccabaeus and his sons to dinner and then murdering them.  This round is for hosts who betray their guests; they are punished more harshly because of the traditional belief that having guests means entering into a voluntary relationship (unlike the relationships with family and country, which we are born into); thus, betraying a relationship you willingly enter is considered more despicable.  The fourth round is Judecca, after Judas Iscariot who betrayed Christ. This is the round reserved for traitors to their lords/benefactors/m asters. As in the previous circle, the subdivisions each have their own demons and punishments. The Center of Hell After making their way through all nine circles of Hell, Dante and Virgil reach the center of Hell. Here they meet Satan, who is described as a three-headed beast.  Each mouth is busy eating a specific person – the left mouth is eating Brutus, the right is eating Cassius, and the center mouth is eating Judas Iscariot.  Brutus and Cassius are those who betrayed and caused the murder of Julius Caesar.  Judas did the same to Jesus Christ.  These are the ultimate sinners, in Dante’s opinion, as they consciously committed acts of treachery against their lords, who were appointed by God.

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Developing Successful Business Teams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Developing Successful Business Teams - Essay Example Therefore, the organisations in the present business world often emphasise and promote adequate cooperation among the team members to efficiently attain their desired goals and objectives as per the planning. Moreover, the firms also seek to promote credibility of the workforce and emphasise on adequate and effective communication processes among the members in order to obtain greater control and productivity of the organisation (Mickan & Rodger, 2000). Emphasising upon the emerging competition and striving performance of the marketers, the major objective of this report is to demonstrate and understand the primary features of a successful business team. Thus, the discussion of this report will be focused on highlighting and analysing the major traits along with explaining the major phases to improve the performance of a success business team. Additionally, the paper will also focus on assessing the monitoring processes which can enable the organisation to attain greater efficiency of a successful team. 2. The Features of Successful Business Team Defining the major characteristics of a successful business team always constitutes a broad consensus which represents a large number of attributes to enhance the level of efficiency within the workforce or staff members. A successful business team comprises a large number of attributes which accumulatively facilitates the organisation to proactively perform its each operation with clarity and efficiency. Understanding the ultimate goals of the team and the organisation on the whole is one of the fundamental characteristics of an effective and successful team. In this regard, the team members should be highly aware to prioritise the ultimate aim of the team which can generate adequate capability to achieve the stipulated goals as planned for the benefits of the organisation.... Additionally, the paper will also focus on assessing the monitoring processes which can enable the organisation to attain greater efficiency of a successful team. 2. The Features of Successful Business Team Defining the major characteristics of a successful business team always constitutes a broad consensus which represents a large number of attributes to enhance the level of efficiency within the workforce or staff members. A successful business team comprises a large number of attributes which accumulatively facilitates the organisation to proactively perform its each operation with clarity and efficiency. 2.1 Characteristics of a Successful Business Team a. Understanding the Team Goals Understanding the ultimate goals of the team and the organisation on the whole is one of the fundamental characteristics of an effective and successful team. In this regard, the team members should be highly aware to prioritise the ultimate aim of the team which can generate adequate capability to a chieve the stipulated goals as planned for the benefits of the organisation. b. Commitment Commitment towards complying with a common philosophy through sharing value to each member of the team can also efficiently attain the ultimate desires of the organisation. Moreover, it can also empower the members to increase their productivity substantially. c. Recognising Roles and Responsibilities It is also important for the members of a successful team to clearly identify their respective roles and responsibilities within the organisation. This particular factor tends to enhance the overall capability of the organisation in terms of accomplishing each task within the specified time in an adequate

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Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 35

Marketing - Essay Example A Marketing Mix is first devised when a company is makes a marketing strategy; this consists a study of the product itself, the price that must be set, the places it should be sold from and the promotional methods that are to be implemented. There are various methods of marketing, and their selection depends entirely upon the product’s target audience. Following our some of the most popular methods used for marketing (Business Consulting Buzz): The major methods of marketing include Direct Mail, which is a mail sent by the companies to their prospective clients. Either this is done systematically or randomly, when done systematically, first a list is made, of the demographics of the target audience, and then the marketing mail is sent to all these people. However, this form of marketing is costly, can not reach a wider audience and is only feasible for companies interested in a particular locality or audience, e.g. a new restaurant opening in a particular locality. Another way is to send out emails to various possible customers, this form can reach a wider audience but there is a danger that the mail might be deleted before being read. Print media is another popular promotional method; this includes newsletters, newspapers and magazines. When a wider audience is intended newspapers can be a very beneficial way of marketing, however, when a particular group for instance young women or kids are the target audience, magazines that are popular in these groups can be used. Newsletters, brochures and other print promotional methods are also used, but are less sustainable. However, they have the power to be referred to or be kept for a long time by possible customers. However, this form of marketing can be very expensive, the more popular and widely read the magazine or newspaper, the higher is the cost for placing ads. Also printing several brochures or newsletters is an extremely costly option

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The Great Depression Essay Example for Free

The Great Depression Essay The Great Depression (1929-39) was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the Western industrialized world. In the United States, the Great Depression began soon after the stock market crash of October 1929, which sent Wall Street into a panic and wiped out millions of investors. Over the next several years, consumer spending and investment dropped, causing steep declines in industrial output and rising levels of unemployment as failing companies laid off workers. By 1933, when the Great Depression reached its nadir, some 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed and nearly half of the countrys banks had failed. Though the relief and reform measures put into place by President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped lessen the worst effects of the Great Depression in the 1930s, the economy would not fully turn around until after 1939, when World War II kicked American industry into high gear. Historical Importance of the Great Depression: The Great Depression, an immense tragedy that placed millions of Americans out of work, was the beginning of government involvement in the economy and in society as a whole. Dates: 1929 early 1940s Overview of the Great Depression: The Stock Market Crash After nearly a decade of optimism and prosperity, the United States was thrown into despair on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, the day the stock market crashed and the official beginning of the Great Depression. As stock prices plummeted with no hope of recovery, panic struck. Masses and masses of people tried to sell their stock, but no one was buying. The stock market, which had appeared to be the surest way to become rich, quickly became the path to bankruptcy. And yet, the Stock Market Crash was just the beginning. Since many banks had also invested large portions of their clients savings in the stock market, these banks were forced to close when the stock market crashed. Seeing a few banks close caused another panic across the country. Afraid they would lose their own savings, people rushed to banks that were still open to withdraw their money. This massive withdrawal of cash caused additional banks to close. Since there was no way for a banks clients to recover any of their savings once the bank had closed, those who didnt reach the bank in time also became bankrupt. Businesses and industry were also affected. Having lost much of their own capital in either the Stock Market Crash or the bank closures, many businesses started cutting back their workers hours or wages. In turn, consumers began to curb their spending, refraining from purchasing such things as luxury goods. This lack of consumer spending caused additional businesses to cut back wages or, more drastically, to lay off some of their workers. Some businesses couldnt stay open even with these cuts and soon closed their doors, leaving all their workers unemployed. The Dust Bowl: In previous depressions, farmers were usually safe from the severe effects of a depression because they could at least feed themselves. Unfortunately, during the Great Depression, the Great Plains were hit hard with both a drought and horrendous dust storms. Years and years of overgrazing combined with the effects of a drought caused the grass to disappear. With just topsoil exposed, high winds picked up the loose dirt and whirled it for miles. The dust storms destroyed everything in their paths, leaving farmers without their crops. Small farmers were hit especially hard. Even before the dust storms hit, the invention of the tractor drastically cut the need for manpower on farms. These small farmers were usually already in debt, borrowing money for seed and paying it back when their crops came in. When the dust storms damaged the crops, not only could the small farmer not feed himself and his family, he could not pay back his debt. Banks would then foreclose on the small farms and the farmers family would be both homeless and unemployed. Riding the Rails :During the Great Depression, millions of people were out of work across the United States. Unable to find another job locally, many unemployed people hit the road, traveling from place to place, hoping to find some work. A few of these people had cars, but most hitchhiked or rode the rails. A large portion of the people who rode the rails were teenagers, but there were also older men, women, and entire families who traveled in this manner. They would board freight trains and crisscross the country, hoping to find a job in one of the towns along the way. When there was a job opening, there were often literally a thousand people applying for the same job. Those who werent lucky enough to get the job would perhaps stay in a shantytown (known as Hoovervilles) outside of town. Housing in the shantytown was built out of any material that could be found freely, like driftwood, cardboard, or even newspapers. The farmers who had lost their homes and land usually headed west to California, where they heard rumors of agricultural jobs. Unfortunately, although there was some seasonal work, the conditions for these families were transient and hostile. Since many of these farmers came from Oklahoma and Arkansas, they were called the derogatory names of Okies and Arkies. (The stories of these migrants to California were immortalized in the fictional book, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. ) Roosevelt and the New Deal: The U. S. economy broke down and entered the Great Depression during the presidency of Herbert Hoover. Although President Hoover repeatedly spoke of optimism, the people blamed him for the Great Depression. Just as the shantytowns were named Hoovervilles after him, newspapers became known as Hoover blankets, pockets of pants turned inside out (to show they were empty) were called Hoover flags, and broken-down cars pulled by horses were known as Hoover wagons. During the 1932 presidential election, Hoover did not stand a chance at reelection and Franklin D. Roosevelt won in a landslide. People of the United States had high hopes that President Roosevelt would be able to solve all their woes. As soon as Roosevelt took office, he closed all the banks and only let them reopen once they were stabilized. Next, Roosevelt began to establish programs that became known as the New Deal. These New Deal programs were most commonly known by their initials, which reminded some people of alphabet soup. Some of these programs were aimed at helping farmers, like the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration). The End of the Great Depression: To many at the time, President Roosevelt was a hero. They believed that he cared deeply for the common man and that he was doing his best to end the Great Depression. Looking back, however, it is uncertain as to how much Roosevelts New Deal programs helped to end the Great Depression. By all accounts, the New Deal programs eased the hardships of the Great Depression; however, the U. S. economy was still extremely bad by the end of the 1930s. The major turn-around for the U. S. economy occurred after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the entrance of the United States into World War II. Once the U. S. was involved in the war, both people and industry became essential to the war effort. Weapons, artillery, ships, and airplanes were needed quickly. Men were trained to become soldiers and the women were kept on the homefront to keep the factories going. Food needed to be grown for both the homefront and to send overseas. It was ultimately the entrance of the U. S. into World War II that ended the Great Depression in the United States.

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Star Wars :: essays papers

Star Wars Star Wars is a great example of excellent sound quality in a movie. There are dozens of different sound effects that make this movie a classic. The most commonly overlooked piece of audio in a movie is the character’s voices. The voices in Star Wars play a large part of the movie. Each character has a distinct voice and a distinct way that they speak. Darth Vader has an extremely deep voice and speakes in long draw out words, to help show how evil he is. Han Solo has a rugged sounding voice and is very direct when he talks. Han is considered to be a tough guy who likes to be a loner, yet he has a sidekick. Luke Skywalker has a soft, young sounding voice to show how inexperienced he is. CP-30 is a robot who has human qualities and has a crackly voice that shows how nervous he is and how much of a wimp he is. Other aliens in the movie in the movie make weird noices that have to be translated at the bottom of the screen. Another common sound effect used in the movie is lasers. Lasers are used in the fight scenes that take place with the space ships. The sound effects of the ships themselves are incredible and the sound when they get hit get hit by a laser really grabs the attention of the viewer. Other sound effects include the sound of the light sabers that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader use. They make a vibrating sound, which is supposed to help its glowing visual effect. They also make a sound that is similar to the sound a bug zapper makes when a bug hits it. The light saber also makes a nosies when specific noise when it is swung and misses its target The score to the movie is also very important. The entire score is instrumental. It is all orchestral music. The music helps to intensify certain sences with loud interludes and then can be very soft in other parts to create a calm environment. Overall this is movie has excellent sound quality. Casino There are many specific sound effects used in the movie Casino. There is the sound of a crowded room and people gambling in the casino. There are sounds of machines hitting the winning combination and people celebrating the money they just won.